About Lavender:

Hi Beauties,

I have chosen to remain anonymous so that I can share my story to hopefully lend relatability, as well as hope, and my own personal journey with what feels like a life long battle with an eating disorder. I love to cook so I will also be sharing my favorite yummy vegan recipes, some of my photography, and I suppose poetry. I am writing a overall summary of who I am... BUT ANONYMOUS!

Soooo with that said.....

I am Lavender!

Welcome to my blog!! I'm in my late 20s, and I live in a warm, beautiful place! I will incorporate faith related posts in this journey because of my relationship with my higher power, Jesus! He is honestly the only reason I'm still here today. Yes, struggles may come within recovery... as well as on this journey, but I truly believe Jesus wouldn't allow me to struggle for nothing. So I hope and pray that this page will offer some love and encouragement for you!!